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Romance with a Touch of Magic

Romance, Suspense, Time Travel, Historical Fiction, and Holiday Fiction.
Abot the Author
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About the Author

Jeanie Davis is the author of The Somerset Series, (romantic/suspense with time travel). The series includes Time Twist, Time Trap, and Time Torn; an historical fiction novel, As Ever Yours; Chrissy's Catch, a sweet Christmas novella, and a children's Christmas book, I Don't Know Why I Did It.

Jeanie is passionate about writing, and she always has a new story to delve into or an older one to revise. She began by writing poetry and music, which she still enjoys, but now novels have moved to the forefront of her avocational pursuits.

When she's not spoiling her grandchildren, Jeanie spends her free time curled up with a good book or typing away on her most recent mystery, adventure or romance.

"Who hasn’t wished at times to go back to our teenage days while having the benefit of an adult mind—and perhaps reliving them with more maturity?
Sweet main character Clover gets that chance, thanks to a special “counselor’s” magic! And the results are Jeannie Davis’s newest book, The Do-Over. One of my favorite new authors, Davis always offers interesting twists on time-travel romances. Lots of adventure, unexpected turns in the story, and moral dilemmas abound in her books—including this one.
With a magical assist from the mysterious fortuneteller Nova, Clover relives her pivotal sophomore year of high school—but with her adult mind intact. All the friends, family, and teachers she experiences are repeats from her young life, but she sees them anew—and she’s better equipped to handle the challenges she faced the first time around.
It’s a triumphant story, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. It kept me up reading.
The Do Over is not exactly a romance, although one is hinted at. It’s more in the category of women’s fiction, wish-fulfillment, and fantasy. I love the magic involved. I love the relationships that heal. Honestly, I felt so uplifted by reading this story, and I wrote this review to encourage other readers who are looking for a lift to give this book a chance. It’s a delight.
I hope Ms. Davis will write more in this series and show us more of her heart and her ideas about the power of mercy, forgiveness, healing, and hope."

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