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Magical romances everyone can enjoy!

Cursed_front-cover (1).jpeg

Wedded bliss or calling it quits?

After just three years of marriage, Brock and Sammi Whitefield have found that bliss has turned to blah. Unless Nova, an eccentric therapist, can perform a miracle, their happy ever after will turn into disaster. But Nova’s unconventional—perhaps even paranormal—methods result in magically cursing the couple to help overcome their flaws.

Brock and Sammi are skeptical, then shocked, when Nova’s curses land them in treacherous situations.

Brock, who tends to lie, discovers his voice rises a bit higher with each untruth he tells, affecting a comical pitch. With his voice squeaking like a mouse, he finds himself floundering while trying to close the big deal.

Sammi complains a lot, and her curse results in chaos—a ridiculous body swap and a life-threatening trial as a witch.

Will Nova’s curses become cures, or will Brock and Sammi’s marriage crumble under the weighty plagues?

The Do-Over_half-cover TIFF_1024_1.jpg

Relive high school? No thanks!

Attorney Chloe Harrington, once a chunky, underprivileged teenager nicknamed "Pig-face," never wishes to re-experience her sophomore year, but she must discover her panic attack trigger. After all, no self-respecting lawyer gasps for air, then collapses during a trial.

When Chloe seeks counseling from Nova, a highly recommended, but "unique" therapist, she hopes for a quick fix, not a paranormal nightmare. Maybe with an extra fourteen years of life experience, things will be better the second time around.

Or worse.

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Christopher Flemming is flung into a trap—two hundred years in the past.

His fiancée Arianna Miller is shocked when Christopher's time-traveling device returns home empty—except for a letter declaring his love for another woman. Arianna struggles through stages of grief, but it's difficult to fight a betrayal haunting her from two centuries ago. The only way for her to discover the truth is to face the dangers of traveling back in time herself.

Doing so might save Christopher's life—or Arianna might find herself tumbling into a deadly time trap as well.

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Sarah Somerset's abusive, evil father made returning to nineteenth century England perilous, but she would risk it for her sweetheart, Hudson Drake. She has been lost without him in twenty-first century America.

A British earl now, Hudson has wealth and privilege, but without his beloved Sarah, he has lost his way. Unable to find her through seven miserable years of searching, he has fallen into a life of despair, and has earned a roguish reputation Sarah would never abide.

A twist of fate lands Hudson face to face with Sarah, but so many unknowns threaten to tear them apart once more.

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Arianna Miller tosses her luggage and her hopes into her Subaru and sets out to prove her talent—by decorating a Victorian mansion thirty miles from nowhere. She needs a fresh start and a break from painful memories. However, she is soon haunted by reminders of her past and endangered by foreboding mysteries.

Christopher Flemming is determined to stop his father's crime spree, which began in nineteenth century London and now threatens present day Colorado. He must find and destroy the time-traveling machine that brought them forward in time. More importantly, he needs to save Arianna.
Because of Christopher's blurred focus, Arianna finds her attraction to him untenable. She wants to help him, but he refuses to reveal his connection to the mansion.

Everything changes when Arianna stumbles onto the time machine before Christopher does. Will her future end up in the past?

Screenshot (79).png

Chrissy Frost's self-identity has changed from "happy-go-lucky" to "broken" after losing her parents in a tragic accident the day after Christmas nearly four years ago. Every aspect of the holiday season, especially snow, has a devastating effect on her.

A work assignment where she is able to change others' lives for better, in addition to meeting handsome, caring, caramel-delicious Decker, might spark a flame of hope in her wounded heart.
Yet there are so many bumps in the road, Chrissy's not sure she can handle the risk of getting burned.

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Follow the sweet story of Carrie and William as they journey through life, overcoming challenges and trials together. This incredible true story will tug at your heartstrings and give you a unique peek into history. Their story is one of courage, faith and, most of all, love.

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A fun, captivating children's book that teaches a message about love, service and the true meaning of Christmas.

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