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I love writing poems both sweet and silly. Enjoy this collection of my work.

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I Don't Know Why I Did It


I don’t know why I did it for someone such as he—

       I knew he’d get a lickin’ if I only let things be.

A younger brother needs to know that rules must be obeyed—

      Chores must be completed before the games are played.


But father was too busy keeping up the inn

        To know where Jake was going, nor care where Jake had been.

There were so many people, I had my tasks to do,

        I don’t know why I did it—he needed to work, too.


I knew that rascal could be found climbing in a tree,

        Or playing with a baby goat—yes, that’s where Jake would be.

But then I felt a prompting, something deep within,

        To look inside the stable behind our crowded inn.


I tried to just ignore it—to push the thought away.

        If Jacob wasn’t working, It’d be his price to pay.

The feeling was still nagging, I could think of nothing more—

        So pulling on my woolen wrap, I slipped out the back door.


It was as I suspected, the chores weren’t getting done.

        All the troughs were empty while Jake was having fun.

I don’t know why I did it—I could have turned him in,

       But then I started feeling that prompting once again.


I should have been unhappy to do the extra chores,

         But he’s my little brother, and what are sisters for?

Something came upon me—the room was filled with awe.

        I felt so very warm inside when I touched the straw.


I filled the manger to the top and my heart burned within—

        What was it with this simple straw that drew this feeling in?

When the job was finished, I paused to say a prayer,

        To thank my Heavenly Father for sending me out there.


That night my father pulled us near. He told us he was proud

         Of how we’d done our chores that day and managed the big crowd.

He said he had to turn away a mother large with child,

        But had offered her and Joseph the stable for a while.


I saw my tearful brother, he bowed his little head.

        I knew what he was thinking—he’d played all day instead.

I don’t know why I did it, but I pulled Jacob near,

       And told him that I loved him—he had no need to fear.


The stars shone extra bright that night; I hardly even slept.

       Jacob must have felt the same, for in my bed he crept.

He snuggled up real close to me and closed his little lids.

        I don’t know why I did it—but I’m so glad I did.

Rootbeer the Reindeer


There’s a reindeer you’ve not heard of,

But he’s known at the North Pole.

His bubbly personality

Is never ever dull.

His name is Rootbeer the Reindeer,

His friends just call him Roo.

When Santa needs an extra push,

He knows just what to do.

You see, Rootbeer is so full of fizz,

It often makes him burp—

Giving the sleigh an extra push

When nothing else will work.

When the other deer get tired,

And start to swerve and sway—

Santa calls on Rootbeer

To pull his heavy sleigh.


There’s just one little problem—

It might make you giggle.

When Roo lets out a big old belch,

The sleigh begins to jiggle.

So, if you see Santa Claus

Soaring through the sky,

With extra vim and vigor

And think, I wonder why?

It’s all because of Rootbeer—

He’s right in front, no doubt.

But sometimes when he hiccups,

Some gifts might tumble out.


So, if Santa doesn’t bring you all

You’ve asked him for this year,

It might just be that Rootbeer


That silly old reindeer.

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Happy Mother's Day to My Daughters

A mother of one, a mother of many

Or perhaps, not yet a mother of any.

Our lives have been abundantly blessed


With daughters so caring who once filled our nest.

We stand in awe as we observe

The people you are, the people you serve.

You cannot fathom the depth of pride—

   The expanse of love we hold inside

For each of our girls, descendants of Father—

Sent here to bless us—our beautiful daughters.

Each possessing a dazzling light—


Unwavering strength—a queen in His sight.

Please know our affection, this day and forever


Will only increase—


You’re our greatest treasure.


~Love, Mom and Dad~

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