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Chrissy's Catch

Chrissy's Catch

Sweet Christmas Romance Novella

Chrissy Frost’s self-identity has changed from “happy-go-lucky” to “broken” after losing her parents in a tragic accident the day after Christmas nearly four years ago. The holiday season, especially snow, has a devastating effect on her.

A work assignment where she is able to change others’ lives for better, in addition to meeting handsome, caring, caramel-delicious Decker, might spark a flame of hope in her wounded heart.

Yet there are so many bumps in the road, Chrissy’s not sure she can handle the risk of getting burned.

Buy it as a standalone, or with its companion books: Finding Joy (Joyce Horstmann), Noelle’s Kiss (Cindy R. Williams) and Holly’s Heart (Melinda Sanchez)

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