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Merry Christmas!

After several days of rain—not snow. It doesn’t snow in my neck of the woods—it is finally sunny. But despite the warmth outside, I’m still feeling holiday cheer inside because my book, Chrissy’s Catch, was released yesterday. Yay!! It’s part of a series but can be read as a standalone. What makes this series fun is that each novella is a Christmas romance about one of the four Frost sisters. They are all sweet as marshmallow romances—some more fluffy than others. Haha. Here are the links to each book in the Christmas Frost series:

They are also sold through Barnes and Noble and other distributors.

It’s only December 12th, and three out of my, well, three parties have already happened. (I know, crazy party girl, right??) It seems everyone is in a rush to get things done and out of the way before Christmas. It’s good and bad. I’m happy to have time to tie up loose ends, but wish the festivities were spread out a bit more.

I wish everyone the happiest of holidays!!


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