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As Ever Yours

As Ever Yours

William Rappleye, reared in the untamed territory of Wyoming, is a hard-working country farmer. Firm in his faith, he answers the call to serve a mission in the eastern United States. He’s unaccustomed to city life, but that doesn’t stop him from preaching the gospel—no matter the obstacles thrown in his path.

Carrie Drew, reared in Burlington, Vermont, helps her parents run a boarding house. She is kind to everyone, but has an especially soft spot for the new missionary, Elder Rappleye.

After He finishes serving his two year mission, in 1913, William returns to Wyoming, but cannot forget the enchanting Carrie Drew he met in Vermont. Though they hadn’t had a romantic relationship, he feels a kinship to her, and decides to pursue it. Through a letter, William proposes marriage to Carrie, and she accepts. And their journey together begins.

During a time when quarantines were common and disease often stole lives; when the railroad was just reaching the West and motorcars were new, this novel, based on the real lives of Carrie and William Rappleye, will warm your soul and tug at your heartstrings.

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